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Blockchain Bites: DeFi’s Dividend, China’s ‘New Battlefield,’ the Large Banks’ ‘Suspicious Exercise’

China sees its digital yuan as a "new battlefield," DeFi's Curve has a new dividend program and a yet-to-launch platform is pursuing an...

Blockchain Bites: MicroStrategy’s BTC Purchase, Bitmain’s Energy Wrestle, Paxful’s Goodbye

MicroStrategy has bought even more bitcoin, Paxful is pulling out of Venezuela and the Bitmain power struggle appears to have found a short-term...

Blockchain Bites: Massive Bitcoin Bets, SushiSwap Drops, bZx Attacked

Derivatives traders have placed bets bitcoin will hit $36,000 by year's end while bZx fell victim to yet another hack. Source link

Blockchain Bites: Sq.’s Patent Posse, Binance’s DeFi Bridge, SushiSwap’s Co-Founder Speaks

Square is pushing back against crypto patent hogs, Binance is doubling down on DeFi and the ECB's Lagarde says Europe is losing the...

Blockchain Bites: Winklevoss’ Wild Prediction, Bitcoin Miners’ Horde, Ethereum’s ‘Essential Bug’

Mongolian authorities have limited cheap electricity for crypto miners, Venezuela is seeing crypto use outside government-approved exchanges and a “critical bug” has left...
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