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Grayscale Added $300M in Digital Belongings to Its Portfolio Through the Final Day

Digital asset manager Grayscale Investments has acquired an additional $300 million in cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours. See also: Grayscale Tells SEC...

Bitcoin flips Financial institution of America and strikes within the High 30 property by...

Bitcoin flips Bank of America and moves in the Top 30 assets by market cap! Source link

Sq. Places 1% of Whole Belongings in Bitcoin in Shock $50M Funding

Jack Dorsey's payments company announced Thursday it has purchased 4,709 bitcoins in a strategic investment. Source link

How the Crypto Trade Seesaws Between Belongings and Infrastructure

Bitcoin invented a new asset as well as new infrastructure. Often, we confuse the two roles it plays. Source link

Banks should set up infrastructure for digital belongings earlier than it’s too late

Crypto adoption in traditional legacy systems is moving fast, but a lack of technological infrastructure limits compliance and safe storage. Source link

Cryptopia Customers Can Declare Belongings From Finish of 2020, Says Hacked Trade’s Liquidator

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Nigeria’s SEC Says All Crypto Belongings Are Securities by Default

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Africa's most populous country said all crypto assets will fall under the regulation that covers securities exchanges...

Tokenized actual property market launches with $237M in property

The platform will allow investment in commercial real estate from as little as $5,000, and liquidity in the form of token-backed loans during...

Binance Unveils New Product for ‘Yield Farming’ Crypto Belongings

Users of the new Launchpool will be able to stake Binance's tokens, as well as the ARPA token, for rewards in Bella (BEL). Source...

Binance brings out platform for farming new property

Bella Protocol will be the first project to participate in the platform. Source link
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