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Leaked FinCEN paperwork reveal that huge banks have transmitted trillions of {dollars} associated to...

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Indian police start probe into alleged $270Okay cryptocurrency trade rip-off

Another cryptocurrency scam in India has reportedly duped investors of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Source link

Craig Wright Should Face Trial Over Alleged $11B Bitcoin Fortune as Request for Abstract...

In a case involving the ownership of about 1.1 million bitcoin (worth over $11 billion), the federal court denied Wright’s request for a...

Police summon Bithumb chairman for questioning over alleged fraud

Police raids on the Bithumb offices are apparently not just FUD as more investigation reports come in. Source link

US Treasury blacklisted a non-existent ETH handle in reference to alleged Russian election interference

Either the treasury made a typo, or Russian hackers are so good, their wallets don't even have to exist. Source link

Ministers used affect to pilfer thousands and thousands in alleged Ponzi Scheme

They even wrote a self-help book about becoming a millionaire. Sounds like that may need to be updated. Source link
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