Russia’s Gazprombank debuts Bitcoin buying and selling in Switzerland

The Switzerland-based branch of a major Russian bank has also joined OpenVASP. Source link

China Development Financial institution Pulls Deliberate Itemizing of Bitcoin-Tradable Bond

The "Big Four" Chinese bank has suspended the listing of a $3 billion bond issuance that was intended to be tradable for bitcoin and U.S. dollars. Source link

Bretton Woods is knocking at our door, and it’s not right here to...

A second Bretton Woods era will be even more centralized and even further from a true democracy. Source link

GoDaddy Workers Tricked Into Transferring Management of Crypto Agency Domains: Report

Cryptocurrency trading platform and crypto mining firm NiceHash were two of at least six firms that had control of their domains briefly transferred. Source link

The US printed 21% of its total cash provide, simply on this yr. This...

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That is how I've been feeling recently.

This is how I've been feeling lately. Source link

Multiparty computation: The Trojan Horse of crypto regulation

MPC is a regulated, fee-centric model that is almost an exact replica of today’s banking system. Source link

Video: Nick Szabo, Adam Again And David Chaum On The Historical past Of Bitcoin

In this episode of Bitcoin In Asia, Bitcoin pioneers David Chaum, Adam Back and Nick Szabo discuss the technology's history and latest experiments.<br />The post Video: Nick Szabo, Adam Back And David Chaum...

Central Bankers, Consultants Define Attainable Eventualities for CBDC Adoption

Central bank digital currencies can have broad implications for the global balance of power, experts say. Source link

four the explanation why Bitcoin worth is on the verge of a brand new...

Bitcoin price looks on track to set a new all-time high for these 4 key reasons. Source link
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