Your Finest Yr But!: Ten Questions for Making the Subsequent Twelve Months Your Most Profitable Ever

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Within every person is an ordinary person who found the courage, heart, and discipline to act…to face the big challenges and make dreams come true. The life you want is yours for the taking. This unique, bestselling guide from a successful corporate coach shows you how.

Jinny Ditzler has helped thousands of men and women achieve new milestones of personal and professional success over the past twenty years. YOUR BEST YET! is a fun, proven, interactive workshop-in-a-book that offers a transformational, goal-oriented program based on simple . These straightforward, life-changing practical steps will help you make this year — and every year — the best year of your life as you achieve:
— Greater income — Time for what matters — Fulfilling relationships — A satisfying career — Physical wellness — Spiritual abundance