A Drug Referred to as You 2

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(as of Dec 28,2020 19:01:57 UTC – Details)


Part one of A You ended with Violet in a compromising position after she’s left at one of Florida’s largest night clubs. Being stranded in a big city sends Violet’s anxiety through the roof. But despite all odds being stacked against her Violet was taught to surviving, and surviving is exactly what she does. When Aspen’s deceit threatens the future of Prodigy’s relationship with Violet, she’s introduced to a side of him she never witnessed before but a side of him that she soon sees again.

Keeping his temper at bay proves challenging this time around when uncanny feelings for Violet begin to surface. As a man who clings onto control, his inability to control the way he feel about her sends Prodigy through a whirlwind of unhinged emotions. Unhinged emotions that has Violet wondering if a relationship with Prodigy is what she needs.

Part two of A Drug Called You pulls at your heart strings, sending you through a whirlwind of emotions almost identical to Prodigy’s.