Exhausting Riddles Guide for Sensible Children: 400 Tough Riddles, Crime riddles, Mind Teasers & Humorous Riddles for Children to Develop into Smarter (Develop into Smarter Books)

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Here, your search for the best riddle ever is over!

Consisting of more than 400 carefully-handpicked (yes, you heard it right, 400+), this book is a one-stop solution for your craving for the best riddle in the world that turns the light bulb of your brain on.

If you have got bored by seeing and solving the same everywhere-riddles; on websites, android applications, and social media groups, then give this book a try. Because you are and deserve more than just the same, repeated-over- internet riddles, which are obviously, not so interesting. Apart from this, if you are looking for the best riddle for / riddle for kids, then let’s have a look about what amazing things you will find in this book:-

1)More than 50 to solve riddles/Detective Riddles(with fully-explained answers; No doubt…!), to awake your inner detective.

2) No bullshit, No repetitive, and everywhere-available-riddles.  Only hard, fresh, and interesting riddles.

3) Lots of riddles for kids

4)More than 50 questions of logical reasoning (that challenge your logical skills)

5)A large number of Amazing math riddles with answers (to see if you are a wizard of numbers )

6) The X Factor of this; “Back to Riddles” Option, that helps you navigate through the E-book version conveniently.

*One-click, and you are on the answer page. Another click and you are back to where you were (on the riddles page).

7) This book is an outstanding collection of awesome riddles with answers

8) The logical Riddle section helps sharpen logical thinking for kids

9) Answer to every single riddle is available right here in the book, so you don’t need to sign up, buy some scrap or visit an external site.

In addition, you will get to enjoy brain that will surely make you tear your hair out and numerous brain games for kids that you can enjoy playing along with your family at parties or weekends.

To conclude, “hard riddles book for Smart Kids”, is the best deal to grab right away if you are looking for brain teasers under 5 dollars or to become smarter.



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