5 Secret Methods of Kindle Publishing: Earn Passive Earnings with Non-fiction Books (Promote Books on Amazon E book 1)

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So, let me guess… You have an idea for a non-fiction that you want to self-publish on . You dream of sharing your ideas online and building a stream, maybe because you want to leave your full-time job or at least have a good side-income stream to pay your bills and fulfill your dreams.

Maybe you already published one or more on Amazon, and nothing happened… Probably, you got a few sales but not enough to significantly increase your income level.

Many new self-published authors struggle with book sales on Amazon because they simply publish random books that they THINK will . The truth is, in order to a recurring passive income stream, you must do thorough research first and plan your book strategy well before you even write a word.

Do you want to know how to find profitable niches and what self-publishing to use? Then read the book "5 Strategies of Publishing: Earn Passive Income with Non-fiction Books". It will significantly shorten your learning curve:

  • Learn how to choose a book topic that sells
  • Identify the best keywords and categories to reach more readers
  • Use Amazon algorithm for your own benefit
  • Write books that help you sell more books on Amazon
  • Learn 5 proven strategies that bestseller authors use to build a recurring passive income stream from their non-fiction books.

Even if this book gives you just one unexpected insight that is your missing puzzle piece, it can take your book publishing to the next level. It will cut through the noise and show you how to quickly build your non-fiction book self-publishing business so that you know what to focus on and when.

There will be no fluff or filler – just battle-hardened tactics and actionable strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to dramatically grow your Kindle book sales… in most cases, without spending a cent more on advertising and even if you don’t have a huge email list or following yet…

Get this quick and practical book now, and take the next step to earning a passive income stream from selling your non-fiction books on Amazon.